Friday Kicks

So here is a round up off a few of the projects currently running on Kickstarter, if anyone wins the lottery and wants to donate several thousand so we can back lots of them then please use the contact me page.

Polyversal is still going well at the moment and whilst its not funded there is still plenty of time left to go. Play test results will be coming soon.

Age of Tyrants another small scale wargaming project with a week left to go this project is fully funded all ready.

Mantic’s latest kickstarter The Walking Dead is based off the Comic books that preceded the hit TV Show, so this was always going to be a massive hit.

IDW have Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on the go at the moment again this is fully funded and unlocking stretch goals at a fair rate.

Landed is something a little bit different as it has no miniatures a competitive resource gathering game that looks like it plays like Carscone with the addition of contracts that you need to fulfill.

Finally for this week Battle Stations the long awaited second edition 16 years in the making.


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