Boundless Hate – The Round Up

Welcome back to cardboard addicts anonymous!  This week I’m going to take a look at the non-signature cards from the newest expansion for Warhammer 40’000: Conquest!

I’ll be taking a gander through the races based upon my perceived value for each race starting with the mighty Space Marines!  Neophyte Apprentice is potentially very good but since there is only one other target for it’s ability it probably won’t stick in any decks yet.  Sacaellum Shrine Guard is solid too in all likelihood a two/two with a command icon for one but I’d struggle to play it outside of an AM deck.  The Black Sword is another Black Templars only card and from the looks of them they’re going to be pretty strong, but again not yet…

med_WHK10_42Moving on to Tau who gain very little from their SM buddies but do get a trio of their own cards to use.  Auxiliary Armor looks like a good fit for my Tau/AM style build but Exploratory Drone seems a little awkward at best so is probably just bad.  Prudent Fire Warriors seem best in Shadowsun builds so they’re also pretty much a no.  Pairing with Eldar lets you utilise Mind War but you’d have to run at least one pretty shoddy Psyker unit from their line up. 

Eldar themselves get little return on their alliance with the Tau and Dark Eldar are no help either so they’re all on their own this expansion!  Mind War gets a lot better here, particularly in Eldorath decks.  Dire Avenger Exarch is pretty good, Eldar need something tough and his ability might let the Harlequins shine since they’re both Warriors too!

Dark Eldar and Chaos both gain new Warlords and signature squads and whilst I like Ba’ar Zul and his crew a lot I’m not convinced they’ll replace the two solid warlords that Chaos have.  The new Archon is blatantly a bit rubbish so nothing changes here I’m afraid.

whk10_ramshackle-trukkOrks get Front Line ‘Ard Boyz who are decent but nothing particularly spectacular.  Ramshackle Trukk likewise is pretty good with an interesting ‘goes fasta!’ rule and a Warlord slaying seven strength!  Take that Ragnar!  Rok Bombardment is I think pretty strong, most Ork units stand up to the punishment it deals and so it’s always useful.  Does it replace some of the other indiscriminate damage tools they have?  Maybe, if just on the strength of it having two shields.  Astra Militarium add the Shrine Guard but again its merely OK here.

ffg_WHK10_38Long in need of a leg up to make them top tier Astra Militarium get a few more tools to make Worr just that.  The Shrine Guard combo with his ability and are worth playing here anyway.  Troop Transport is gold too and fits into AM decks of all shapes.  Their allies don’t add much here though so that’s our round up!

I’m actually a little underwhelmed by this release but I get the feeling that things are building with the cycle and that by the time the Necrons are released there will be some pretty scary stuff happening with all the factions!  There are a few hidden gems though and Eldar and Astra Militarium definitely come out on top this month!

That’s all this week folks!  Happy gaming! -Mark

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