Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

6760-assassin-3-medFor the next few weeks I intend to be swinging around the rigging yelling Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum. This is down to the very awesome reason that I have just got a bit of ‘swag’ that meaning every rule book and expansion as well as two crews for Freebooters Fate. This is an awesome looking game that I have seen played on several occassions but never really got involved in, well until now that is.

So for the next few weeks starting now, I am going to be going over the rules the crews and the miniatures, to be fair the miniatures do look awesome and was very hard to choose my two starting crews so I opted for one off the oldest and one off the newest.

6790-freebooters-fate-rulebook-cards-medSo first off probably a good place to start would be the main rulebook as I wont be getting very far without that, if you follow the link you can get it with the cards at a reasonable price, without the cards you cant play, as this is a game that does not involve dice in anyway shape or form. Instead there is a special deck of cards, this i will go into in another article but suffice to say, unless you have a serious ‘Gambit’ moment against your opponent there will be no hunting for missing dice.

So how does that work? Firstly your going to need your crew which will consist of 4-12 miniatures depending on how large a game you are intending on playing but I will cover the crews in a later article, charactors are selected by spending doubloons on them up to the limit that you and your opponent have agreed on, its not quite that simple but will do for now. When ever you would ‘roll a dice’ in any other game in Freebooters Fate you draw a card, these special ‘Fate’ cards determine the success or failure of certain actions and events in the game, if you deal damage to your opponents charactor you draw a card to determine the location on the body that you hit.

The ‘Fate Cards’ are numbered 1-10 and some off them have special symbols on them one off which is a treasure chest which as well as resolving the reason the card was drawn lets you draw an ‘Event Card’ these cards add a layer off unexpectedness to the game which really can make or break your plan.

Each charactor you get a miniature for in Freebooters fate comes with a card which shows the charactoristics and special traits of the charactor as well as all the normal stats such as MOVement, Attack, Defence, STrength of both arms and Toughness which all play a part in the effectiveness of the charactor.


Get the game, grab a mate, have a go. You’ll love it. How could you not? It’s got everything! Rapacious pirates! Grog-swilling goblins! Mysterious assassins! Steadfast Imperials! Merciless mercenaries! Parrots! A cast of knaves, villains, heroes, ladies, and wenches with guns. With a thousand peg legs

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