In Midnight Clad (getting there)

I return with news of further construction and eight more legionaries being painted.  The main focus has been these guys…

Doubling as both a command squad with attached apothecary when they fight during the heresy and as a squad of chosen when they take to the field 10’000 years later these guys are heavily based on Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s vision of the legion.

Using a combination of the Betrayal at Calth box, a space marine Command Squad upgrade frame and quite a lot of Forgeworld resin I built my own take on first claw.  Not as they are in their 40’000 iteration nor even as they are remembered in Talos’s dreamlike states but as somewhere between the two.  They are what I imagine first claw to look like immediately after the siege of Terra, Talos is is still an apothecary, their equipment is largely standard still and Vandred is still a Sergeant.

Introducing my squad.  Talos (top left), Xarl (top right), Vandred (bottom left), Cyrion (bottom centre) and Uzas (bottom right).

Whilst these are by far the best conversion I have seen based on ADBs excellent novels I’m pretty happy with them and think they capture the ethos of the characters whilst still being functional figures for my games.  Oh, there’s some other dude but he’s only in the squad because you need a banner fella.  Next step is to get First Claw a Land Raider!  (Shhhh don’t tell the wife).

In all seriousness though I’m really enjoying this project and it’s been great to find something I can engage in whole-heartedly and leave behind the stresses of my real life for an hour or so an evening.  I’ll be keeping you all posted on the progress but for now the count is 1 Vehicle and 58 Infantry still to paint.  I really thought I was getting somewhere when I wrote the title!

Until next time -Mark

Oh and I still  played Betrayal at Calth I really must rectify that…

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