Space Crusades about to launch again

Space Crusade is making a come back, this year and will be brought to you by Prodos Games the guys behind Alien Vs Predator

The box set will include:

4x Tile 44×33 cm (17″x 13″) in total 88×66 cm (34″x26″).

Tiles are double sided.  They allow players fight in “Lost Temple” or furiously clash on a streets of “Forgotten City”.

Models included:

  • 6x Hero models (material used: resin)
  • 1x Mamoona – 11cm tall monster
  • 20x Lesser Demons
  • 5x Demonettes


82 cards included:

  • 30x Adventure Cards
  • 10x Artefact Cards
  • 15x Experience Cards
  • 15x Equipment Cards
  • 6x Hero Stat Cards
  • 6x Reinforcement Stat Cards



  • 8x 3d Terrain Pieces
  • 6x Custom D6 Die

Other models are available as well including Artemis

The miniatures appear to be set to ship on Feb 23rd.


Already the world is aflame with comments about this announcement, not many are complimentary, what are your thoughts.

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