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I am a happy man, a very happy man. Spartan has released three kick ass miniatures for my three favorite Dystopian Wars faction’s (Russian Coalition, Republic of France, Kingdom of Britannia). Spartan has already released Dreadnought class robots for its other main factions and they are… impressive.
One of the great things Spartan does is free rules, so if you want to see more or don’t believe my word things just check out this link:

Madam Liberte has probably been the most controversial of all the releases. She has had a love/hate reaction from fans of the game that is usually reserved for Marmite and the show “Mad Men” (I would say I love Marmite and think Mad Men is pointless drivel, but then I would lose half of you readers).

In the Dystopian Universe the Republic of France (now lead by Napoleon III) gives the big middle finger to the Federated States of America. At this point in history they have built the Statue of Liberty to forge friendships and it is currently pending dispatch. Instead of sending the big lady across the Atlantic they settle for loading it on a massive Gravity Negating Generator and festooning it with Rockets. To rub Brie’ into the wound they also stick the worlds largest heat lance on her torch, take that ‘Mericans!



Your love, lifting me higher
Than I’ve ever been lifted before
So keep it it up
Quench my desire
And I’ll be at your side, forever more.
– Jackie Wilson Higher and Higher AKA That statue of liberty of song from Ghostbusters II.

Madam Liberte is an unusual new vessel type: Mobile Fortification. This Is a new unit type that means she has all the rules for Fortifications, but can move (well, yeah). Interestingly this means +1 to hit and immunity to Rockets and Torpedo’s

Offensively Madame appears less than impressive. She has standard big French ship broadsides and standard big French rockets. It’s heat lance is great at Range Band 4, Range Band 3 and OOOHHHH It gets 18 dice at Range Bands 1-2! What makes for a real nasty punch is that Madame Liberte can Focus Fire to reverse Range Bands giving it 18 dice at all ranges… at a cost. Every time you use Focus Fire Madame takes a crit effect (re-rolling 2,7 and 12).

Madame has access to both Sonic and Fury generations. These generators can scare enemy into losing linked weapon options and burn away enemy Assault Points. On the subject of Assault Points Madam has many a strong Sailor to protect her, 15 Elite Crew in fact.

On the defense Madame Liberte is… amazing! As a Fortification Rugged (2) is a standard. Being a Republic of France rig a Cloud generator is fitted. As you well know Cloud Generator is -1 to the enemy dice. As a Fortification this negates the enemy bonus of +1 to hit; Sorry enemy of the Republic, you are hitting the lady on 4’s not 3’s. Liberte also has Retardant Armour (3). If you have ever tried to damage a French vessel with Retardant (2) you will know that it is difficult (3) is a bloody nightmare! Ack Ack is, well it is French so impressive and redoubtable. Please bare in mind that any bombers that get through will hit on 2’s. Don’t let them get through!

So how to go on a picturesque rampage?

-Don’t be afraid to focus fire. 18 dice turn one is impressive, terrifying even. More importantly Madame is an expensive lady to take out and really needs to pull her weight. Don’t go half assed, go full assed!

-Get in close, but not too close too early! Lady Liberte is impressive at RB1 and should get in close for full effect. But when 8-4″ to the enemy she loses cloud generators and is at boarding range. Now she is very difficult to board, but not impossible. Unlike Robots she can be left derelict or even prized!

-GNE Generator. If possible slip in a GNE Generator. 9-11″ move means hideous threat range and also not having to get too close too soon. Also remember that as a skimmer Madame can glide gracefully over islands.


An interesting new addition to the Dystopian universe. The Madame Liberte has the potential to unleash utter hell on its enemies and is very difficult to hurt with straight up firepower. The biggest flaw is the cost; 425 points! This is a huge investment for one squadron and one model. If it fails to pull it’s weight you are in trouble, if it dies you are in trouble, if it gets prized then it is pretty much time to shake hands and go home.

Any comments on your experiences please comment below.

Au revoir and may the dice fall deeply in love with you.



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