What Game is For Me??

Who has heard some one say in their friendly local gaming store (FLGS) ‘What Game is For Me?’ or some variation of the theme that they have no idea what to get to play.

42598-largeWell to be fair it’s not actually a bad question to ask, especially if you think that miniature games such as Dropzone Commander, anything from Games Workshop or Mantic are going to take an deal off effort to get sorted and that’s before you even start to play. So today am going to look at a few games and types of games that are available, although this will be by no means a comprehensive list.


Card Games


CCG – Collectible Card Games
the-spoils-card-1st-edition-part-i-gearsmith-gigamajig-p14637-15008_thumbWhen most people think of collectible card games, the most obvious one that comes to mind is Magic: The Gathering as it is possibly the largest most established game ever known to man, with small credit card sized cards that can sell for anything from ten pence to upwards of £100, I am constantly amazed by the value people place on such cards, but each to their own, other CCG include The Spoils which has had a rocky start to life, but, at least in the states is starting to show good signs of growth, although here in the UK I struggle like mad to find a game despite my best efforts which is a shame as it follows similar design traits as Magic but is massively cheaper and some of the cards are just outrageously comical.

LCG – Living Card Games

7178-a-game-of-thrones-2nd-edition-largeFFG (Fantasy Flight Games) produce a range of Living Card Games, these differ in that the expansion packs such as Boundless Hate which Mark looked at earlier are more of an expansion to the game than a booster and contain a set number of cards that are the same in each pack, so cards may fluctuate a bit in value, for some of the really good cards, but are never going to enter the silly money territory of a CCG game. Again these games come in many formats and are all slightly different  three of the most popular I can think of are Game of Thrones, Netrunner and of course Warhammer 40k Conquest.

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