PHR: Story of the White Sphere

Over the course of a few articles I am going to bring you the forces of Dropzone Commander, there are five ‘Armies’ and while it would make sense to start with the two player starter set I am going to start with my favourite force, The PHR.

A tiny portion of humanity turned its back on mankind in the waning days of the last Golden Age this was just before the Scourge attacked. Over one and a half centuries later, the PHR has emerged from the shadows as an unrecognisable civilisation, its people irrevocably changed. They are no longer simple human beings, they are post-humans – cyborgs.

A society no more than three billion strong, the PHR is a nation of elites, each individual more than a match for several lesser mortals. With remarkable speed, they have made technological advancements surpassing those of the UCM. Since its fiery birth, the PHR has been guided by the enigmatic White Sphere, a mysterious object of immense power. It is treated by the people of the PHR with a reverence bordering on worship.

Birth and the White Sphere

The PHR was born through division, fire and death. Shortly before the Scourge invasion, a mysterious object of obviously alien origin fell into the atmosphere of Earth. It delivered a bleak warning of impending doom to humanity.

Heeding the warning provided by the White Sphere, a tide of convinced souls known as the Abandonists left Earth and the Cradle worlds to their prophesied fate. In order to make good their escape, they chose to fire upon the fleet sent to stop them. This provided a chance for the majority of their armada to jump into the unknown darkness of space. Their faith in The Warning spared them the horrors of the Scourge invasion, and resulted in the seeding of a new society.

Today, the Sphere occupies a revered and crucial position in the Republic, determining much of its policies. It is almost certain that a good measure of the PHR’s evident technological superiority can be attributed to the Sphere’s apparently benevolent influence. The Republic has morphed from a desperate collection of mutineers and refugees into an unrecognisable society in less than 170 years, a feat only accomplishable with considerable aid. The question of motive is obvious, but theories here are too wild to justify putting down in record. For now, the White Sphere remains the greatest enigma to trouble the UCM.


The fate of those who escaped remained utterly unknown until the eve of the UCM’s ambitious Reconquest campaign. A strange and unlooked for ship suddenly appeared over Aurum (site of the UCM seat of power), containing a delegation from the self declared Post-Human Republic. This mystifyingly changed yet human like group, entered an audience with the UCM High Council, and avowed their nature as descendants of the Abandonist movement.

What knowledge UCM has acquired in the brief time since the PHR’s emergence is incomplete at best, and more often pure conjecture. Most has been gleaned through frosty diplomatic relations and interrogations. In these few short months, the UCM acquired a number of prisoners and bodies for autopsy, since armed conflict has already erupted between the two factions.


The PHR are probably Hawks nicest set, the walkers and ships have a sleekness unrivaled in the other factions, if you choose to go the Path of the White Sphere you are going to be out numbered, sometimes drastically but everything the PHR does, it does it better, other than speed.


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