Polyversal Small Scale Massive Battles

Earth, 2130: Light armored vehicles scout vacant city streets amid the rubble of buildings hiding infantry preparing for ambush. In the distance, sleek grav-tanks hurtle toward the city’s perimeter, dodging harassing fire from attack VTOLs and lumbering walkers awaiting their approach from the city’s edge. Missiles scream overhead. Explosions and gunfire echo between dark skyscrapers long abandoned, suddenly lit from incoming fire. Your men await your command.

Polyversal in urban terrain. Miniatures from our partners Hawk, Plasmablast, Brigade, Microworld, Dark Realm. Several skyscrapers from The Phalanx Consortium.

As units take fire, the net fills with the din of battle. Your commanders need intel. Their reports take urgency as enemy fire finds its way home. Stress mounts. Morale degrades, mistakes are made, and wills are tested. You give the order to assault. But will your troops perform as expected? Can their equipment and your plan survive the enemy?

As battle erupts, low-flying attack aircraft speed between skyscrapers toward their targets, tanks button up, and armored infantry move ahead. The answers come quickly.

Polyversal is a tabletop miniatures game system that puts you in command of an army set in a near real – future Earth intended for use with 1/300 scale miniatures (6mm).

Polyversal have partnered with several games companies to use their miniatures in this kickstarter release from Hawks Wargames as well as several others who already manufactor high quality small scale miniatures.

The box looks like it going to be packed to bursting point.

UN (United Nations): 

4x Janus Scout Walkers (Hawk Wargames)
3x Leehark VTOLs (Plasmablast Games)
3x Encegon Main Battle Tanks (Plasmablast Games)
24x 6mm Power Armor (Brigade Models)
3x Ocelot Light Grav Tanks (Brigade Models)
3x Wombat Grav MICVs (Brigade Models)
4x Quoll Recce Vehicles (Brigade Models)

OPFOR (Opposition Forces):

3x Wolfbite Missile Trike (Plasmablast Games)
4x Catroux Main Battle Tanks (Brigade Models)
3x Ratels (Brigade Models)
2x Mammonts w/Particle Cannon (Brigade Models)
40x Industrial Infantry (Dark Realm Miniatures)
2x Vorace Walkers (Dark Realm Miniatures)
2x Drones w/Missiles (Mircroworld Games)
3x Dragonfly VTOLs (Mircroworld Games)


Grav Vehicle Stands
Infantry Bases
Air Vehicle Stands

Other Game Components:

Combatant Tile(s) with professional artwork for each miniature
Tracking counters
2 sets of Orders Tokens
Polyhedral Dice (3 sets of D4-D12 dice color-coded to match stats)
Rulebook with Scenarios and QR-code linked video tutorials
Quick Reference Sheets

The project is not yet funded but there are still plenty of options to choose from if you want to back it.


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