Games for under £20 – Munchkin Loot Letter

This series of posts will be focusing on games that you can get for under £20 online or on the high street.

The first game that I will be looking at is Munchkin Loot Letter. Based on the original Love Letter game designed by Seiji Kanai this Munchkin themed version is brought to you by Steve Jackson Games & AEG.

Munchkin Loot Letter is a game for 2-4 players and involves some risk, deduction and pure luck in order to be the last munchkin standing. There is two sets of this game available to buy, one comes in a very sturdy box and the other in a velvet bag. Both games retail at around the £10 mark and have the same contents, 16 game cards, 13 loot tokens, rule book and 4 reference cards (1 for each player) also included is a monster enhancer card for the original Munchkin Card Game.

The rules are very simple in that each player is dealt one card at the start and then on their turn they draw one card. You must then discard one of the two cards in your hand following the instructions printed on the card. The winner of the round is the person with the highest number card still in their hand at the end. You play a series of rounds throughout the course of the game and the winner is the first person to reach 7 loot tokens (two player game), 5 loot tokens (3 player game) or 4 loot tokens (four player game).

In order to win you will need to use some deduction, luck and reasoning to guess your opponents cards in order to eliminate them from the round. Each round only lasts a few minutes, endingwhen there is one player left standing (over the bodies of your enemies) or the draw pile of cards has been exhausted.

The cards are beautifully illustrated in full colour by Jon Kovalic and features some of the iconic monsters and curses from the original munchkin game, such as the Net Troll, Potted Plant and Legendary Duck of Doom. It has all the fun and backstabbing associated with Munchkin but in a much smaller more compact way. The clamshell set would easily fit into a pocket whereas the boxed edition is slightly more cumbersome.

All in all this is a very fun, quick and easy game to play and is ideal as a travel game or short interlude to break up a longer gaming session. With rrp of around £10 its well worth keeping an eye out for.

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