How to giant Russian robot in an steam punk age

I am a happy man, a very happy man. Spartan has released three kick ass miniatures for my three favorite Dystopian Wars faction’s (Russian Coalition, Republic of France, Kingdom of Britannia). Spartan has already released Dreadnought class robots for its other main factions and they are… impressive.
One of the great things Spartan does is free rules, so if you want to see more or don’t believe my word things just check out this link:


Reader meet Mr Svarog, Mr Svarog meet reader. RC-Terrain-1

He looks so happy!

The Svarog is 100% smash your face in. It is kitted out with Istomin bombard cannons or twin axes to smash stuff up close. The bombard cannons have great firepower from range bands 2-4 AND a special rule that increases the size of the bombard template to apocalyptic proportions. Fast and unbelievable in base to base close quarters the Svarog is a bit of a beast

The Svarog is also a bit of a tank at taking damage. Ablative Armour (3) pushes its damage and crit rating to scary levels. Unlike the other dreadnoughts the Svarog lacks a defensive generator.

Clocking in at 320 points the Svarog is cheap for a dreadnought robot. It’s greatest weakness is that once it takes 5 points of damage it loses its ablative trait making it pretty easy to finish. Also the Svarog isn’t redoubtable. this means that for every point of damage a terrible tole is taken on it’s firepower.

Admiral-Prince Ben’s advice:

In the words of Sun Tzu (I think); “Get up close and kick their heads in!

Seriously this thing needs to be up close and personal to get the best out of it. I intend to use mine as a close quarter combat blitzing machine by aiming it at the largest ship my opponent has and making him/her rethink their life choices. Move 9″ (over islands if needed!) is great and damage has no effect on its ability to cut ships in half in the boarding phase. Don’t forget the Russian Commodore ability to give it an additional 1″ move once per game. Also being closer to enemy ships means you can mimic their defensive generators. Come ere and gimmi a hug!

Talking about the mimic generator… use it, use it early in the game. With Mimic (12”) it has range enough to pick and choose what it “borrows”. Mimic an allies Shield Generator or even a torpedo/rocket generator and watch your opponents face as he paws ineffectually at your shiny new friend.

So a good price for a good hard hitter.

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Over the weekend we will look at the Kingdom of Britannia Mobile Fortification; The Windsor (after I have had a play with it!).

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