Gaming Mats From Tabletop Towns

Currently on kickstarter Tabletop Towns is running an already successfully funded project for gaming mats.

mat space

Tabletop Towns has to date already run and completed 5 successful projects for tabletop terrain, and now wants to go another step further by giving you the option of a cost effective mat to play on and really immerse yourself in.

I have received two pvc mats as samples the first one is pictured above and the picture isn’t the best (sorry) as the colours are much better in the flesh

The mats have an optional of cold bonded satin laminate, if anyone could explain that one to me please do, and will come in sturdy packaging that will provide a great way to store and carry you mats between sessions and events.

Currently there are more than 10 types off mat available, mine aren’t to hand just yet as Mrs Tabletop Games UK has hidden them tidied. with at least another two design waiting to be unlocked.

When you first get them they will be rolled so rolling the ‘wrong way’ and then storing them for a few minutes should get them flat enough, the size is a bit off an odd one as they are 2 foot by three foot, but then I suppose that gives a bit more flexibility, soring would be just as easy but I suppose you could mix and match a few for more variety so four mats would do a six by four or any combination up to, so although when I first saw the sizes I was dubious at least there is a good point to it.

For those with hexagonal shaped designs (only game I can think off is BattleMech you can also on some mats get an overlay, this was one off the ones I was provided and although again I was dubious about it, having never played BattleMech style games, they don’t stand out as bad as I thought they would, that’s not to say they aren’t clear or easy to use as the lines are very clear, but they don’t stand out to the detriment of the actual background design.


Check out the kickstarter and back these awesome little mats here.

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