Ah, Mr B4S I’ve Been Expecting You!

100_4673.JPGFinally it’s here in my pudgy fingers!

I haven’t had a chance to actually play the game yet so a full game play review will have to wait until next week I’m afraid but I thought a quick unboxing would be in order!


So included in the box is literally everything that a player will need to get started.  That’s pretty ridiculous for the price.  Compared to FFGs similar products it’s a steal.  Whilst you only get two factions you do get every play set required for deck building.

Second thing is that it’s beautiful.  I mean Magic the Gathering is the benchmark here right?  Well these cards are just as good looking.  The production values and artwork are excellent and I’m really impressed (and pleasantly surprised) by the box contents.

A slim-line rules pamphlet that is clear and concise gives the feeling that the game can be picked up pretty quickly despite it’s obvious complexity.

Overall I’d say this is one very happy purchaser of a new game.  I’ll get some games under my belt for next week and come back with my thoughts on how the rules play out.  Until then happy gaming – Mark.

For further information head over to sularia.com or check my previous articles on the subject!


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