Age of Tyrants

exarch5-101-200-150-80-cOn Kickstarter now is a new project called Age of Tyrants which aims to bring Massive wargaming on an Epic Scale to the tabletop. Age of Tyrants is based in the VOID/Urban Wars Universe.

Would you like to command squadrons upon squadrons of huge, heavily armoured tanks? How about great batteries of massive field guns and rockets? Maybe legions upon legions of infantry are more your thing? You can have all these things in the new, massive-scale wargame, Age of Tyrants. Whatever your preference, it will be MASSIVE!

Age of Tyrants is set in the Draconis Alba galaxy, which is a futuristic alternative universe. The game is set to be slick, with an intuitive command and control system inspired by combined arms warfare that allows you to pull together different parts of your army to focus on a particular target or objective.

To begin with there will  be four factions each with thier own visual styling and play style, each force is easy to build and models are mounted on 50mm sized bases,  4 bases form a platoon and 4 platoons make a company, which is where the game starts and then scales upwards to massive armies.

As expansions are rolled out, specialist platoons such as recon, urban warfare, airborne elements and tank hunters will be introduced. Simply swap out old platoons for new ones to fit the strategic objectives of the scenario or just build a bigger Army. There may even be new factions to choose from. Point values for each base are either 1, 2 or 3, so you can easily do the maths in your head. Online army builders that allow you add call signs to each platoon, then print out a roster for easy reference are also in developement.

Check out the website to get access to the forum and even more pictures of the miniatures


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