Boundless Hate

whk10_box.pngWith a new war pack (that one on the left in fact) on the horizon I thought I’d take a butchers at the Warlords that we’ll find there and what (if any) difference they’ll make to the scene!

The two factions represented at Warlord level are Dark Eldar who have both the strongest and almost weakest Warlords already and Chaos who have  two pretty decent offerings.

It is firmly my opinion that the Warlords and there signature squads are the best tool FFG have to keep the ship steady.  At the moment it is very much more important to be able to play a horde of small guys since they can gang up on bigger targets and spread command icons all over the sector.   Which can make deck building feel a bit samey…

archon-salaine-mornSo with all that in mind does this new pack offer anything different?  Lets look at Archon Salaine Morn first.  So she’s pretty fighty, that’s good and has an ability that hits a grand total of five units.  Yep sixteen unit cards that are all pretty cheap anyway just got cheaper in the right circumstances.  Forget it already she’s not Kith and won’t unseat her.  Nor will she change any metas.  I like the flavour though and a Kabalite deck seems like it might be fun.


Moving on to our Chaos Warlord we see Ba’ar Zul the Hate-Bound.  So he’s the weakest of all the unbloodied leaders at zero attack and five life but he has an interesting protection ability for your Elite units.  Plus you won’t like him when he’s angry!

His bloodied side is an immense three attack eleven life lunatic of screaming death!  Suddenly my interest is piqued.  His signature squad is pretty decent too, an event that burns all those tiny critters away from key planets, Berzerkers that can harm themselves to swing harder and a pretty wicked location to boot.  The Butchers Nail’s is a good little card too, granting brutal to the Hate-Bound whilst he’s hale and armorbane when he’s bloodied.

So this guy is more like it; he potentially allows you to be less afraid of a horde when you’re playing a more elite based deck and may become many people’s favourite Chaos Warlord.  His signature squad can do some fairly clever stuff, especially the location which makes no planet safe from your troops and can trigger a battle ability at a previously unforeseen time.  His fighty nature made me initially think of running him with Ork allies to capitalise on their brutal nature but Dark Eldar may grant a bit of spice here with Incubus Warrior and Stalking Ur-Ghul amongst others!

In summary expect to see more Elite based Chaos decks in your stores!  This may open up the meta since Chaos are pretty good against Dark Eldar.  That might reduce the number of Kith build’s which in turn should allow people to stop playing Marines or Chaos to defeat them.  All in all I’m looking forward to getting my paws on these guys for some testing!

I’ll leave you with this;
whk10_cardfan_01.pngUntil next time, happy gaming! – Mark


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