Lording it Up!

Hey hombres! So this week I’m going to crash the miniature wargaming guys party with some toys of my own!  Since I read Ben’s first Heresy article I’ve felt the itch for a bit of 40k.  Like Ben I first played 40K in my early teens and ever since I’ve had a bit of a man crush on Space Marines in general.  I think it’s because I really want to actually be an eight foot tall killing machine instead of a not quite 5’10” inch liquid flavouring mixing machine so it’s always marines that bring me back to GW…

Anyway, I digress (even more than usual) and want to get on with this.  As many of you will know I’m a father of two small children and don’t get loads of spare painting time.  When I initially decided to paint Night Lords it was because they look wicked cool and I thought not too complex.  Yeah I could have done Iron Hands or Raven Guard but they’re dorks who love a corpse…

100_4581.JPGSo with blue in mind I bought Ultramarine Blue spray and went for it.  Knowing that I would only have to paint in the details neatly because I would dip them saved a lot of hassle since I only had to neatly paint in the ‘not blue bits’ and then chuck them in the pot.  Now I know that at this point they look a lot like Ultramarines (but they’re prissy tools, I mean just coz they wrote the book on how to be a marine…) so that wasn’t going to happen.100_4577.JPG

100_4579.JPGWith that horrible thought in mind I tarted them up a bit.  With added skull masks, lightning bolts and a healthy dusting of mud plus a sweeping of anti-shine and I think they look pretty decent.  Also they didn’t take very long since I batch painted them and did no shading or highlighting and that meant I didn’t craze the wife!  Oh and because I actually want to play Betrayal at Calth my next job is painting the Dark Vengeance Dark Angels as target practice, might even have some done for next week…

Remember Stark stuff this Wednesday for those of you who play cards as well!

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