Forces of The Abyss

So my Abyssal army is currently sat in a corner off the room in its packing box waiting patiently for me to finish another project before I dive in and crack on with what will hopefully be my first large scale fully complete army to date.

That is what came with the ‘Mega Army’ of the Kickstarter plus I added the Abyssal Fiend, some more lower Abyssal and some Succubi.

80 Lower Abyssal/Flamebearers

10 Gargoyles

40 Succubi

3 Molochs

1 Abyssal Champion

1 Abyssal Iffrit

To this rather fetching horde I added an Abyssal Fiend, more lower abyssals and Succubi and Basusu the Vile, just because he sounds charming.

I am aiming to have an army in the region off 2200 points which looks to be the standard size for tournaments, now when building an army for Kings of War there are two thing to take into account firstly when multi basing you don’t have to have the correct amount off miniatures on the base as long as the footprint of the unit is correct, and that it is clear enough that your opponent can tell the difference, in the Errata from the Mantic Games website it does give a minimum amount required and a preferred model count even still the preferred model count for a 40 strong Horde of Lower Abyssal is 27.

The second thing to note about list building for Kings of War is that it is very fluid there is no you must have x,y,z or percentages to work out.

Your army can have as many Regiment or Hordes as you like, for each regiment you take you can take 2 Troops and a War Engine/Hero/Monster for each Horde you take you can also take 4 troops and one War Engine, Hero and Monster.

So to begin with I will start with the Lower Abyssal/Flamebearers sprues which I have enough to make 100 models, so 2 Hordes of Lower Abyssal to give me a solid backbone of an army and start opening lots off options, as well as 2 Regiments of Flamebearers to unlock lots more and give me some needed ranged attacks and as I am using the preferred model count that will be 86 models instead off 120

Three Regiments of Succubi will round out the 80 models of the 100 I have for them and form a nice, or nasty set off units that benefit from both ensnare and stealthy special rules making them much harder to hit at both range and in melee. A Regiment of Molochs will also add a very hard hitting punch for the harder foe I may face

A troop of Gargoyles which can move quickly round the battlefield and apply threat or pressure should help keep people off guard and a troop of Flamebearers will flesh out the remaining points needed after the Heroes.

For heroes  I have gone for an Efreet with a Fireball attack of 20 that’s laying down some serious fire power, an Abyssal Champion with lightning bolts to stride between my hordes and inspire them to more dastardly exploits than normal.

Which leaves me with either the best unit ever or the biggest points drain in the history of war gaming, striding across the battlefield with added wings and Lightning bolts is the Archfiend of the Abyss a monstrous hero of epic proportions and one I am hoping that my enemies will spend the first two or three turns trying to take out whilst the rest of my army marches forward undisturbed.


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