Esters is more Brute than Beaut

Today saw a care package from the guys at Steamforged dropped off for me. In addition to a tshirt that matches my new trainers there w as a little model know as Esters the Brewers season 2 captain.



So this busty burly lady is here to take over from Tapper if you choose, which is great because soon all the original guilds will have a choice of Captain.
So how does she stack up.


Well Bleed Earth will be nice for slowing down those fast footballing teams, and looking at the cards can be used multiple times, unlike Fire Blast a 3″ are effect which causes damage and then set fire to anything in it or entering the area, it’s such a shame you can only load her up with 5 influence.

Stat wise she isn’t quite as punchy as Tapper and her melee zone is half the size but her plays would make an excellent choice to support the rest of the team, and any attacks that she does have the option of causing momentum to be generated at an alarming rate successful attacks equals 2 damage, knock down and a point of momentum.

Moving onto Character Traits, I think (please bear in mind I have never played the as the Brewers before), that she is miles ahead of Tapper on just about every stage except combat she has the ability to heal, improve speed or increase the damage of a friendly guild model (so no union players) and whats worse her Legendary play allows her to do this three times in one turn, I am thinking that Midas who is at the moment my least favourite player to play against is going to get bumped down a position.

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