Rekindling an old flamer part II

Hello Gamer’s and Happy New year! Welcome to part II of my ongoing rant about my rekindled romance with Space Marines, part one can be read here. All photo’s are from my collection.

So November last year I started collecting 28mm heroic miniatures with which to play The Horus Heresy (also known as Warhammer 30,000 or just 30k). The sudden lust for all things gothic science fiction was brought on by Games Workshops October release: Betrayal at Calth.

Above: A Cataphractii Terminator squad, Contemptor Drednought and Praetor *insert evil name*. All from the Calth box or my bits box!

One thing I often hear from Wargames players is: “Oh man I love GW stuff,but it’s just so damn expensive”.

Inspired by my love of the Horus Heresy books and my subconscious assimilation of The Apprentice (my wife is a big fan). I set out to get a large Horus Heresy army on a budget of £200. Now that sounds a lot of money but bear in mind I am starting from scratch.

So the first two purchases were A copy of Betrayal at Calth (£86 from Athena Games) and Dark Vengence (£52 from Outpost Wargames). I discussed these at length in part one. My force of choice would be those dastardly Word Bearers.

Bad to the bone: Gal Vorbak (possessed space marines) made from Dark Vengeance Chosen with Chaos Possessed arms.

Second purchase was a Primarch. Yeah you heard me a freaking PRIMARCH! In Horus Horus Heresy you can have one of the Emperors own children in your force. Points wise they are a huge chunk of the force but well worth it. Now these bad boys are 50 gold coins plus from Forgeworld which is a huge dent in the budget. What would Alan Sugar do…? I looked at alternative sculpts and came across a company called Kabuki. Kabuki does the “Knight” range which bears striking similarity to some of the Primarchs, but are a slightly smaller scale (though still head and sholders above your average Astartes. So I picked up “preacher knight” (£15, online) to represent Lorgar Aurelian, Primarch of the Word bearers. Now we are straying into the world of the “Proxy” here. My local club Athena is to a point very relaxed about this however.

Above: Preacher Knight by Kabuki Miniatures

So £152 into budget and what is left? Well some rules! Forgeworld does a deal on the Crusade and Legion army books for £55, sorted! I had a chaos looking chap left to use as the cult lord and some bits to make the characters slightly more chaos:

So £207 for the following:

Lorgar Aurelian 450pts

Preator- Pride of the Legion terminator armour. 150pts

Chaplian 115pts

Mhara Gal Drednought 305pts

7 Gol Vorbak (Nasty 2 wound shock troops) 300pts

1 Contemptor Drednought with Plasma cannon (I did a conversion as seen in the photo) 200pts

10 Veteran Space marines 200pts
10 Veteran Space marines 200pts
10 Veteran Space marines 200pts

1 Auxilia Cult Lord (Muntant Hoard trait) 85pts

20 Auxilia Cult Levy 40pts

2215pts, before I get into wargear and upgrades!

I have used the force several times now and have got to admit: I am having a scream with it! Lorgar is a psychic and I can upgrade the Preator and Chaplain to be lvl one Biomancers/Telepaths. The Mhara Gal and Gol Vorbak storm across the board soaking up firepower and obliterating the enemy up close. I have since purchased another Calth box and now roll with two units of 20 tactical marines, a kitbashed Veteran squad and a kit traded squad of 10 Devestators with missile launchers.

Best bit is I could have done this in reverse if I had used the Dark Angels from Dark Vengeance or even the Blood Angels from Deathstorm (if that box ever comes back!).
So there you have it; 30k on a budget. Stay tuned to Tabletop Games UK for news, reviews and articles. If you have any queries or comments then please don’t hesitate to comment below.


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