Fire From the Sky!

Happy new year to you all!  With the release date for Battle for Sularia almost upon us I have been busily brewing decks in preparation!  Some of you will have seen the Synthien list I posted last month and for those that didn’t please check it out!  This time around we’re still setting fire to everything but in a sularium fuelled jet packing kind of way!

1446169064399So before the first thing we need to do is gain influence but unlike their former slaves the Jotune have a few more Conditions that can be squirrelled away here for use later.   These are going to form a core tactic of this deck, adding buffs to our aggressive flying combatants or a boost to our sularium supply.
4 x Fire From the Sky this is the card I want to see early.  It makes your attacks a little more dangerous to the enemy sites and this will hopefully shut them down.  If they don’t have sites then they can’t play combatants…
4 x Art of War is potentially very good, offering protection and punch across your board.  It forced me to include a Type One combatant though, shame!
4 x Spoils of War grants us extra cash to spend on the scarier end of our combatant scale so is pretty good (though four might be too many?)

Tactics wise I’m running light so that I have more dudes since I think it should be very aggressive but the chosen few are;
3 x Strength in Numbers gives a decent boost to sularium production which is good at pretty much any point in the game.
2 x Evasion slides in to protect a key combatant when required.

Those cards will hopefully be played face down so we can break out the sites.  Jotune have a harder time here I think as most of their sites have additional rules and therefore cost more when constructing the deck.  Having to play 20 plus sites really can bite deep here but it’s key to get the foundations in place.
4 x Watch Tower these little babies are a must in your opening hand really.
4 x Security Post with no ‘two-drop’ site this is another shoe-in.
4 x Forge this seems pretty good to me.  Bonus cash is always good and with little in the way of re-animation the downside isn’t really one at all.
4 x Storm Citadel I don’t see any reason not to run this really.  The boost is reason enough and it’s bang-on curve too.
4 x Cloud Stronghold lets you clear out blockers, generates sularium and is another four drop.
14461679014452 x Bergheim “The Wolf’s Den” is pretty decent I think given that the choice is this or catacombs.  Eight influence just seems too much (but I might be wrong?)!

All of those sites and tricks are designed to create and fuel an army so without any further ado I present mine;
4 x Vassad Saboteur their ability is why they’re in.  Eventually they should be capable of supporting the flyers by one-shot-ing the smaller sites or polishing the larger ones off.
4 x Cloud Falcon they’re not very impressive but they can fly!
2 x Lord Fenris “The Wolf” is cheaper than Oathki for deck construction and triggers Art of War whilst adding his own bonuses.
3 x Grey Harrier I wanted to include four but points got tight and their low life might be an issue so three it is.
4 x Red Condor again nothing special but flying and reasonably priced.
2 x Sky Hawk a decent attacker but getting towards expensive end of the curve.
2 x Bolthorn Warlord +3 to attacks!  Each?  Yes please!  This dude can be your STAB.  One final swing with him and everything else should push it over the edge!

The deck is pretty aggressive, we want to be attacking early to clear out sites and reduce our opponents ability to fight back properly.  Since Sites generate resources blowing them up can put the game in your hands really early if you can push the envelope.  The key here is not committing your precious Jotune to attacks that won’t destroy sites but will destroy them.  Obviously I don’t yet have my copy so I might be way off with this list, but I think it’s the closest thing to a control list I could come up with and if there’s one thing I like it’s griefing!

Stay tuned next week because I might be posting pics of my heresy-era Night Lords and will have a Stark deck to exhibit for AGoT!

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  1. Looks pretty good Mark, but you may want to consider Oathki, he’s a monster on turn 3 with a spoils!

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