Attack of the Zombie Octopuss Limited Edition Model


Attack of the Zombie Octopuses is a diorama in 28mm scale, that includes a boat wreck alongside the characters Jebedia Bowyn, his two Zombie octopuses and Victoria Innsfoot. The characters can be assembled either standing on the diorama boat or on their own 25mm base for use in the game.

Jebedia Bowyn is a character and mystic of the Cult and the Pirates. He has power over the domain of the Wild and is ridden by the loa Le Grande Calmar, who enables him to awaken sleeping Zombie Octopuses lying hidden everywhere at the shores of Leonera and the surrounding islands.


This set is limited to only 1,250 copies so if you want a copy then it would be a good idea to buy sooner rather than later. Available on the Freebooters webpage.



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