Dropzone Commander PHR Reinforcements

Last year at Salute I got myself some reinforcements for my PHR battle force, unfortunately most of it is still sat in the box but as part of my drive to ‘get on with it’ I have been looking at some reinforcements.

Jocasta Caine.

“Jocasta Caine, Battle Vizier

Although almost all PHR citizens are mysterious characters to the UCM, in the case of Jocasta Caine, a small amount of information is known. Most information gleaned about her past came from a single conversation between a UCM ambassador’s bodyguard and his opposite number (Caine), who was running protection duty for her commander, Supreme Vizier Varrens. Caine was apparently once a member of the elite Siren Corps, although she was reassigned due to her obvious leadership skills to a command post and given the rank of Battle Vizier (the PHR equivalent of captain).

Subsequent reports of her in battle paint a fuller, more frightening picture. On three separate occasions, forces under her command have descended with swift ferocity on unsuspecting UCM recon patrols, slaughtering them almost to a man and without mercy.

She normally rides to battle in a rarely seen jump-walker type known as the Hera. Caine is also often accompanied by an elite bodyguard of Apollo Strike Walkers, piloted by some of the most gifted operators under her command.”

Taken from the Hawk Website. Now why would I be wanting to buy more stuff for an army that I have tonnes of unused bits laying around all ready, indeed I haven’t even used the army parts I have in small games yet due to lack off opponents, well the aim is to get some demo games done in the early Q1 off 2016 hopefully leading up to a summer campaign, which should nicely give me enough time to buy the bits I want at Salute and then get them fully painted and ready for battle at my local FLGS and the new bits will give me the drive and the proverbial kick to finish what I have already started.


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