New Years Resolutions


How was 2015 for you? Did you achieve what you wanted? Did you even start the year knowing what you wanted?

We all know what new years resolutions mean, you say a few words at the beginning of the year then realise by about the fourth of January maybe the end of the first week that with all the good will in the world that you aren’t going to be able to do it so give up.

Well here Tabletop Games UK we aren’t like that, well when it comes to hobby things anyway, I could say I will loose weight, swear less, train for a marathon or various other things but I want to have fun in 2016 so am going to set myself some fun resolutions.

Firstly I will totally finish ONE army, my Commandos nearly got finished last year and I got almost everything done for the tournament so will aim to get that done as well, but for this resolution I must finish an Army I start in 2016 during 2016 and with an Abyssal Army from the kickstarter sat ready to go I think this is going to be the contender.

Secondly I will push myself and the rest of the staff to give you more, more articles, more pictures and more tales of Mark beating me at the Spoils Nationals again.

Thirdly, although some are unconfirmed at the moment I should have 4 new games lined up to appear on the site for next year, on top off what we already cover.

Fourthly I intend to host  few more tournaments and demo days, I managed a few demos last year and I think two tournaments as well as getting to Salute, well this year I aim aiming to do more, although I think it might be hard to visit Salute more than once.

Finally, on a personal note I intend to rejoin a gaming club and just play for fun a bit more, part of the reason for getting a few new writers in was to free my time up for other things, hopefully I can find them suitable rewards during 2016 to compensate them, as long as they write an article about it though.

So here is to a new year may it be better than last year, which for a site that is not even 18 months old yet was still a pretty good year!

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An on an off gamer for twenty years, but in the last few years has spun away from his favourite Dark Angels and is loving the new found versatility and variety in the miniature universe

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