Last NoBoG of 2015

Yesterday was the final NoBoG of 2015 and as such I didn’t expect that many people to turn up and I certainly didn’t expect to be offered some hand cream either but as it happened there were 33 people there for games and the hand cream was pretty good as well. There were quite a few non gamers at the Mash Tun which meant that bigger games were the order of the day and to that end I joined, Jack, Annie, Shaun, Matt and Davie for a couple goes at 7 wonders, a few rounds of codenames and who could pass up the opportunity for a go at One Night Ultimate werewolf.

On my right in the first game was Davie who went partly down a military strategy but mostly went for the blue victory point cards while on my right I had Shaun who went mostly for science but as I had a lot of resources that they needed I managed to acquire a fair bit of money. However while I had a lot of money I didn’t have a whole lot in points and misreading my wonders powers meant that I may have missed out on a few points but I did get quite a few from the players on my left and right thanks to the power of the guilds. Going down the science route can be a really powerful strategy as we found out on the night but at the end of third age it was Jack and Shaun who were tied for the lead and with ties broken by the amount of money left, it was Jack who took victory.

To find out what happened in game two and the rest off the night pop on over and check out the rest of the article. Last NoBoG of 2015

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