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Well 2015 is just about over so for your recapping delight I thought I would provide you with the top 5 Articles written this year on Tabletop Games UK


Coming in as the fifth most popular article is from Febuary with Spartan games confirming that Halo was definitely coming to the tabletop with Halo: Fleet Battles.

In fourth place was a slip of the camera with the first images of actual Halo models being shown


Moving into the top three now we move away from Spartan, not that we don’ think they are worthy but taking up two of the top five articles is pretty greedy.

So number three, no surprises that Mantic Games managed to get in the top three this was for some leaked images of the Abysal forces which I currently have a big box full off waiting to be started in the new year.

The second most read article of the year was for one of what I thought was the most promising Kickstarters of the year, although it still funded, I believe it should have hit a much higher amount, Infernal by Wartorn Games.


This is one off the shots from Salute where I met the guys and got to play the game a little bit and is based off an actual location in London.

I am aiming big for this game when it hits in the new year and from the last chat I had with the guys looks like everything is running ok at the moment.


Finally the most viewed article of 2015 was Hawks at Salute 2015 this article from April was the most popular of the year. Maybe it was the pictures of the slighlty massive display they had finally finished building or maybe that there is a large number of underground Dropzone Commander players out there. Either way congrats to the team at Hawks for giving me such a good display to write about


Here is to a bigger and better 2016





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