Destiny of Kings

Soon to be released is the newest supplement for Kings of War by Mantic Games. This supplement rulebook which is an add on for the main rulebook introduces a few new things to add to and expand your journies in Mantica.


So what is in the book, well campaigns really and a lot of them, well ideas for them. Have you ever fancied running your own campaign but never really known where to start, let alone finish, then this is the book you will need to begin.

Inside Destiny of Kings you will find lots of helpful information on how to run your campaign, from a simple narrative campaign to a much more open based map campaign, also included are examples of how you can reward experiance and level up troops and also what you can do with units that have taken casualties during a game in the campaign.
The first stage of the example narrative campaign. There are more stages.


If that really wasnt enough for you there is a whole new narrative campaign included in the book, The Quest of the Necromancer, which introduces new charactors into the Kings of War game and gives you the rules so you can use them in other Kings of War battles as well, as a bit of a teaser for you if you already own Dungeon Saga you probably have most of the models all ready.


The Quest of the Necromancer also offers an interesting option to the avid gamer, not only by playing through the campaign will you get plenty of oppurtunity to slate your thirst for Kings of War, you also get a chance to dive in to the murky catacombs found in Dungeon Saga as well, not that it is entirely necesary for a campaign but as an campaign example its a very nice idea, and would also give a bit of a change of tempo and scenery for the gamers involved.


Is this book entirely necesary to play? Not really if you arent going to be interested in campaigns then there probably isnt much point, but if you are interested in taking your games further than one off battles then yes I’d say this is required reading for the budding Kings of War generals.

Is Destiny of Kings going to provide you with a lot of fun? Yes especially if you can get someone who like book keeping to run the campaigns for you.


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