Horus Heresy Blood Bath Begins

Myself and the Evil Ben have started playing Horus Heasy 30k starting of with the Betrayal at Calth set I have added some bits to my planned roster and will run it past a few people to see if it is a viable place to start from.


So I will be running as the 1st Legion, The Dark Angels the best of the best, although being almost a pure black force I really am not looking forward to painting that one up.


Hopefully in a few weeks time I will find some time to actually assemble my Betrayal at Calth set and get them base coated in Black, all other parts will have to be subbed for my 40k Dark Angels Army, well the Land Raider is already subbed so a few more substitutes will not be amiss.

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An on an off gamer for twenty years, but in the last few years has spun away from his favourite Dark Angels and is loving the new found versatility and variety in the miniature universe

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