Mark’s Christmas Round-up!

santa-playing-poker-imageHi all!  We haven’t really been playing a lot of cards this week (we’re too busy cutting out and sticking together plastic dudes).  Plus looking after very excited children and trying to organise ourselves for Friday!  So instead of top tips on a specific game I’m going to do 5 tips for Christmas Day Gaming and a round up of what to look out for in the new year!

First tip, keep it simple!  Sure card games are fun, board games of all kinds are too but don’t try to play 40K Conquest with your mum (unless she’s a gamer?)!  Carcassone, Catan and normal playing cards are a good bet.  Deck builders are cool too because everyone has to do pretty much the same thing!81yCol7KOSL._SL1500_.jpg

Secondly, and this is important, don’t be a smart-arse.   Just because you know what the ‘best’ thing to do is don’t feel the need to tell everyone every turn otherwise you might as well be playing yourself.  If someone looks lost or asks for your wisdom then go for it otherwise just keep it to yourself!

3) Do not under any circumstances (unless it’s your sibling) crush people at a game.  They won’t like it, will blame the game or the cards or the dice but it’ll really be your fault.  If everyone else is a noob then play like one too.  It’s about your family and friends having fun, not about how clever you are!

IV.  This is important, keep games age appropriate people!  I don’t want to have my two year old walking around announcing ‘booby-snake’ to everyone because you guys just had to play the Spoils in the middle of the day!  Also do you really want to explain why Otter Floss is amusing you so much to your Nan?

imagesFithly and finally don’t be too much of a rules lawyer.  If someone breaks the rules judge it on how much effect it’ll have.  Playing a card out of sequence might be a sin in a tournament but realistically if it makes no odds to the game just let them get on with it!  Games can be complicated these days and the holidays are about fun, not competition!

OK so those are my rules for holiday gaming, now on to what 2016 holds for me!

Firstly there’s the beautiful Battle for Sularia which I’m very much looking forward to giving a proper review to!

Then the Starks get a much needed boost with Wolves of the North.  This should add a bit more interest to the honourable house Stark!

Necrons arrive in Legions of Death now with added mind control!  I’m super excited about this because it completes the set!

Then there’s completing my Night Lords and getting some 40K back int o my life.  I’ll post some pics once I’ve got them a bit more underway!

So that’s me for 2015!  Have a happy Christmas and may the new year bring you many hours of happy gaming! – Mark

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