2015 VS 2016

As 2015 is quickly wrapping up and coming to a close I thought it would be a good point to just do a quick re-cap look forward and spin around until your so dizzy that you fall over!wpid-wp-1444471262575.jpg

A play testing session at my house me versus me with the obligatory can of Monster (other brands are available). The result if I remember correctly was I won!

So to look back it has been a bit off a whirlwind year, and those who have followed, and read the blog since the start all I can say is thank you for putting up with my inane ramblings and please feel free to set the blog page of the website to your homepage so you can check in every morning.

So what have I done, well not only did I manage to get to my first ever show (Salute 2015) I managed a second just a few short weeks later (Diceni 2015) I have managed to run a few tournaments this year, the best one being the Norfolk Open for Guild Ball at Athena Games new venue, it was in no shortage of words Epic, met some great guys, and playing in the tournament really lit a fire under me to start playing more instead off sitting at home painting and typing all the time.


I have managed to actually even finish painting a few things, my Guild Ball Demo set for the Butchers was actually completed including the bases, other games have come very close to being a finished army as well, my Commando Bolt Action Army has made a good amount of leaps and strides thanks to Richard at Warlord Games, long may we continue emailing, even if it doesn’t always make sense.

A big thanks to my two new writers here at Tabletop Games UK Ben and Mark have both been stellar in the last few months, hopefully they will stay on and help me turn this small little project that was started out of love for the hobby into a terrifying beast that takes over my life and devours me in my entirety into plastic preferably 35mm. To give you some sort off idea how much things have expanded in 2014 I had 3,460 views this year it has exceeded 14,000 views, so thank you.


A quick look forward to 2016 and what can you expect, well more of my inane ramblings, more cardboard mayhem from Mark hopefully a massive three way mash up between the staff to see who can come out on top of a game of 30k, hopefully soon there will be a lot more videos an battle reports, to give you an idea I am hoping to start with one report a fortnight and work up from there, and games, more games, already I have three new games scheduled for delivery in the last part of this year early part of next year, one of which seems almost as excited to work with us a we could be to work with them.

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