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This week, in line with my usual schedule I’m delving into the new release for 40K Conquest.  I’m pretty keen to get testing these cards in decks but for the time being I’ll do a round up of what (if anything) is changing!  I’m going to go through each faction and see what difference the new cards make at the moment.  Sure there are things coming out that might make this card better or that card worse but I’m going to talk about here and now.  For this month the eight races all get a few cards and I’ll start by discussing Space Marines…


Space Marines gain access to only their own cards this month since both their allies have only got signature squads, this cuts the card count down to three.  Righteous Initiate, Lone Wolf and Accept any Challenge.  Straight away we can discount wanting to use the initiate and the event simply because there isn’t enough Black Templars stuff out yet.  Lone Wolf is situationally decent and is bang on curve, the difficulty is cutting something to slide him in for Marines who already have a plethora of very good three and two cost units.  He is a space wolf though so Ragnar players will like him.

broderick-worrImperial Guard get almost certainly their best warlord to date with the mighty Broderick Worr and his pretty decent signature squad.  I think that he pushes guard into a mono style and that he’ll quickly become the AM generals warlord of choice.  The new space marine and Ork cards add very little to the current situation though.

Orks get Lucky Warpaint (it’s blue) and Rickety Warbuggy.  The former is playable if you’re running a lot of high cost Orks that you don’t want to be evented on and the later is actually really good for applying pressure both with and without initiative.  For 1 resource it’s got to go in all the Ork decks right?  Assuming you’re running Nazdreg the new Chaos cards might be worth a look depending on your current unit costings…

Chaos get Zaruther’s new best buddy in the form of Ravening (not ravenwing that’s another thing) Psychopath.  This little lady is pretty good anyway but really shines under his leadership.  Sowing Chaos is a bit hit or miss but I can see elite heavy decks making a little use of it.  The Ork attachment is basically unplayable here but the dark elder unit Stalking Ur-Ghul might make the cut if you’ve enough burn or damage moving effects to ensure he deals his damage!sowing-chaos

Dark Eldar control gets a mini-leg-up with Holding cell, which might be crushing if you get it early and kill something juicy but more likely will be decidedly meh.  The issue isn’t that it’s effect is bad, just that Dark Eldar really don’t need it.  They actually benefit more from the Eldar Farseer than their own cards.  The Chaos cards really add very little I think.

Eldar probably get the best set of cards, all three are genuinely useful to their decks.  Deadly Web Shrine adds to their control and makes both warlords and all those nifty mobile (or pseudo-mobile) units even better.  The Prophetic Farseer lets you mess with your opponents deck just before you go to fisty-cuffs and speaking of combat they also get a new spirit-drone the mighty Wraithguard Revenant which adds a bit of punch and can come back from the dead!  The allied cards add nothing to your decks really I’m afraid since only one is selectable and that’s really a chaos card.

Tau get a new warlord and signature squad which as I explained a few weeks ago I think could shake things up a bit going forwards and as a result they probably come out ahead.  Pretty sure that only the Wraithguard is playable from the allies since you can search for it and it’s got decent stats.

ffg_WHK09_24Nids get a boost for their elite squadron with Acidic Maw which is OK I guess and Striking Ravener which enters play with a big sparkly kill me now or watch what I do to your board through a veil of salty tears t-shirt on.  Left unchecked this thing could be bonkers, but five resources is a lot to be paying for one dude.  Tyranids don’t play well with others so as you know there’s no allies for them!

So the big winners (aside from us players) are Eldar, Astra Militarium (it’s growing on me) and Tau in the 41st Millennium.  I’m off to do some brewing but check back next week for more cardboard goodness! -Mark

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