Building a Gates of Antares Force

So in this article I am basically taking the starter set and Making it into the largest Army I possibly can, this is somewhat easier with the Concord forces than the Ghar included in the starter box as there is so much more of them.

Gates of Antares is slightly different in that it gets rid of the percentage rules normally found in most wargames, ie 25% of your points can be spent on xyz type of unit, and replaces it with 25% of your units can be limited selection units, like command and special leader units, so up to one in four units can be limited.

So in the starter box there is four Concord sprues, each Sprue can make a five man squad, which includes a strike leader and a couple of drones, so we will start from there, first we need a command squad.

So one of the Sprues will form a 5 man C3 Strike command Squad, I also won a Drop Squad on ebay and to take Drop Squads you need a Drop Squad command so i guess that will be two Command Squads although as the first Drop Squad Has to be a command Squad. I can at a later date drop the C3 command Squad and include a charactor or maybe even one off the Interceptor Comand Squads, with out having to re jig to much.

The next three sprues of C3 troops will all be just normal C3 Strike Squads with plasma lances and all the upgrades that I can throw at them.

This leaves me with four support Drones one of which I have made up as C3D1/GP Light General Purpose Drone which I have put with the Subverter Matrix to allow me to try some fun and games, the remaining three drones will be grouped as 2 squads of C3D1 Light Support Drones  with the Plasma Light Support Gun.

So the three drone squads plus the three troops and two limited choices gives me 8 squads 2 of which are limited choice so still nicely legal if a little under the 1200 points limit at the moment.


To see the complete the force just follow this link

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