Way of the Samurai (Infinity new release).

So the new Domaru Butai. Space Samurai in power armor. Probably the coolest thing you can think of short of adding “with jetpacks”. Corvus Belli has always been influenced by anime but is moving away from the Manga aesthetic to something a bit more unique to their immense talents.

In the Infinity universe the Japanese are second class citizens to the rest of the Yu Jing (you cheeng) in both civilian and military life. This does not stop the Japanese Sectorial Army from keeping its pride and traditions.

Enter the Domaru Butai.

If anyone has ever been on the opposite table edge to Domaru Butai you know them as nasty close firepower and CC dudes. The biggest drawback was that they were utterly useless past 16″.


The N3 E/M rules made them a bit tastier on the anti-armor front and the slight drop in points helped. Also; “Neko” Oyama could nuke almost anything in 1-2 actions in CC (but so can about 25% of JSA!).



Above- Takeshi “Neko” Oyama. Domaru Butai Character and one man blender!

Corvus Belli has given the ole Samurai a bit of a makeover and oh boy, they look good.

The miniatures look like they are wearing powered armor and exude power and strength (but still make from flimsy materials, cos JSA are 2nd class citizens!).

What really exited me was the new kit options; Combi-Rifle and Spitfire.
Both options shine at the close ranges Butai love to engage in but also give them a bit of oomp past 16″. I cannot wait to get me a link team of these bad boys…

… With the “Neko” of course!


Above- The new Domaru Butai loadout.

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-Ben (San).


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