Reigniting an old flamer (intermission featuring Horus Hersey Miniature Showcase)

So last week I promised a report on my “30k on a budget” project. I was hoping to throw together some pictures of pretty kit-bashed ┬áminiatures in action. Well life and my underestimating of how long it takes to paint 50+ Space Marines happened so I am unfortunately short of good pics of my miniatures. Because I am a nice guy I have got some pics of other peoples best works to show off the brushmanship of Norwich’s own Stuart Sparks (Word Bearers) and Tony Wilkinson (World Eaters and the Dark Angel Consul).

So feast your peepers on these fiery biscuits and if your eyes are still in sockets; read my battle report in the next piece.


From top left:
Lorgar Aurelian, Word Bearers Primarch.

Erebus, high chaplain.

Zardu Layak. Word Bearers Tactical Sargent.

Gol Vabak (possessed marine).

Angron, Primarch of the Wold Eaters (apparently running from water, the cheeky soap dodger!).

Khan The Bloody.

Dark angel Consul.

Pretty pictures indeed (for violence and corruption!). I am hoping to get some work in progress pictures later in the week of the new miniatures and just for kicks, throw in a battle report.

Thank you to Athena Games Norwich for letting me take pretty pictures.

Ben Ryan

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