How the Fantasy Battle was won, or how to convert to Kings Of War

At the end of 2014, or was it the begining of 2015, I really can’t remember as there have been so many fantastic projects in the last twelve months, Mantic Games funded the second edition to Kings of War.


This came almost right on top of another fantasy game essentially closing it’s doors.

‘why should I care?’

Good question and here is the answer, that lovingly painted and collected army that will now lack new people coming in to play can find a new home as Mantic are releasing Unchartered Empires, yes it’s an expansion and you will need a copy of the main Kings of War rule book as well.

This book surprised me to be honest, I was expecting just an expanded army list.


What you get however is some new rules, army lists and backgrounds, yes your horrible rat based army has a new backstory.

There are nine new armies, some are original, others it’s quite obvious what they are intended for and some may take a little bit off a leap off faith, so haflings and shorter than average dwarfs nicely fit into the League of Rhordia, Skagen become Ratkin and Lizardmen armies with a bit of artistic licence are your Salamander Armies. There are others as well, maybe an Egyptian themed army maybe not, I am not going to spoil the entire book.

So how do I switch well you can quite literally just switch to the KoW rule book tot up the points and play with your unwilling crammed together miniatures.

Or you can Multi base your miniatures.

Multibasing is taking your miniatures and glueing them onto a base, this can lead to some amazing Dioramas which may have a few more or few less models than is correct for say a horde of zombies, this isn’t a problem as long as a) the footprint of the base is the same size as if you had lined up 40 zombies in a big block, and b) there is no chance that you opponent could get confused.

This could allow you to take your formerly much loved and now discounted army and play them a fresh and even expand the said army with only minimal outlay off some plastic card and a few bits of scenery.

So what are you waiting for?
Grab your old armies, dust them off, finish painting them, make awesome new artistic bases for them and watch your army grow, then head off to begin your quest for domination and a place at the Fantasy Table that is the Kings of War Nationals 2016

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