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As the title suggests the people’s favourite was Synthien Burn!  That’s great because nobody want’s to be a super-human warrior with a jet-pack anyway right?  Sounds boring to me too…

Better get on with it then!  If you’ve been paying attention there’s been a few images cropping up to generate a bit of interest and they craftily contain clues to how the game works.  As you can see above the first thing you as a commander need to do is gain influence.  Each turn you place a card from your hand into your influence row, this represents the sway you hold within your faction; what sites you can build and the tactics or conditions that are at your disposal.  Just like other games right?  Wrong, this is even more fundamental since you can flip tactics and conditions within the row without diminishing your influence total.  In fact condition cards played in this fashion have their effect remain in play from this point on.  I should add that you can play Combatants and Sites but this reduces your influence for future turns, which may become relevant if discard becomes a feature of the game…

That means we need to base our deck around those cards we want to place face down.  In this case that’s basically tactics plus one epic condition.  We want to ideally have two of the following cards in hand and draw one other in one of our first two turns so need quite a few.  I’ve plumped for 17 which should hopefully give us enough for our first three turns at least.  After that we’ll have to wing it a bit!  The chosen few are:
3 x Master Mining Program (It’s expense in deck building is offset by it’s Sularium production.)
3 x Feedback (We need to be able to burn out problematic threats plus it looks wicked, probably my favourite art.)
4 x Sularium Tactical Assault Beam (This is the main threat and the card we’re building around.)
4 x System Scramble (It’s not great but it is cheap and cheerful!)
2 x Hero’s Boon (We want lots of Sularium and we’re running 2 type ones so this is good late game)
1 x It’s A Trap (Only one because if it’s played at the right time it could be crushing…)

This influence allows us to Establish Sites and Synthien have no shortage of goodies here!  We need to mine Sularium like there’s no tomorrow and can’t really afford to miss our curve here so we’re maximising our site count and taking all of the lowest influence cost ones to ensure we stick plenty of them to the board.  In fact the only site not being run at all is Sularium Processing Plant which is dropped in favour of the control added by the more expensive sites.  The sites we’re establishing are:
4 x Perimeter Alert System (Our one drop, this is pretty important to hit early and we want one in our opening hand.)
4 x Sularium Mining Station (In an ideal world this is our second turn play…)
4 x Prototype Development Base (Third turn and I think probably a shoe in anyway.)
3 x Centropolis (+1’s our Specialists and keeps problems at bay.)
4 x Experimental Weapons Base (+2’s all Synthien Sites!  This should dissuade some attacks.)
4 x Satelite Network Facility (This is awesome if you can ‘It’s a Trap!’)

So that just leaves combatants!  Here we’re going to continue to ramp into our big burn effects whilst also defending the sites we need to get there.   We’ll continue to assume our opponent is Jotune so we should expect Flight and Alpha Strike; tough Specialists are therfore the call of the day.  I’ll explain as I go again:
3 x Animus Vox (I like him, he’s badass and running three seems worth it.)
2 x Novum Spero (Lets us play sites for less and combos with the Assault Synthoid, but not key to the game plan.)
4 x Spartan Terminator (Specialist plus cheapish equals a must have I think.)
4 x Hydra Reaver (Another Specialist, and whilst he’s expensive it does kill every Jotune currently printed.)
4 x Sularium Excavator (Adds Sularium which is what we want!)
4 x Assault Synthoid (He is mainly in to keep our opponent honest, his 7 attack can flatten all but the most expensive Jotune Sites if we have Vox in play.)

So those are the cards but what are we going to do with them?
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Lead your forces is exactly what we’ll do!  We’ll want to play a fairly defensive game, grabbing as many resources as possible whilst waiting patiently for our chance to strike.  We’re a little vulnerable to aggro but don’t worry too much, the game plan is a long one.  Eventually after much blocking, setting fire to supposedly perfect beings and generating great piles of Sularium we’ll be ready to pull the trigger on our final lethal STAB (Sularium Tactical Assault Beam) but remember that you need to make it big.  Doing just enough to finish your enemy (friendly opponent – Ed) may not be what you need because of the round system; if you end the round even more dead then you lose.  Got that?  Make it count.

Purely conjecture on my part for some of this and I may be misjudging the manner in which the game is played since it’s always difficult to tell.  If you’ve got a better plan feel free to post below!  We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the cards so we can let you know how much fun it is!  In the unlikely event that you haven’t already then head over to www.sularia.com to check out the game further!

Come back next week where I’ll be looking at Decree of Ruin and seeing if it makes an impact on your 40K Conquest decks – Mark

P.S. on the off chance that you’re reading this Billy, I love the song and apologies for butchering the title!


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