Barrage or Burn!?

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The countdown continues!  I hope you pre-ordered your copy so I’ll have someone to play against!  If not head over to to grab one….

OK, so now that you’re back from there with your receipt in hand I thought I’d pose a question.  Would you prefer to see a Jotune Barrage deck or a Synthien Burn deck for next Wednesdays article?

See you on Weds! -Mark




  1. Hekaton Warhulk is one heck of a barrager but he’s Synthien, 6 damage to two adjacent sites plus 10 to the site he attacks is simply brutal.. especially when the average site defense value is 7! I vote for Jotune barrage!

  2. Pretty sure Vox needs the Jotune. Like a doctor needs people to get sick. Without them he would have no purpose or focus for his rage. Without his most hated foe he might just be existing, defeating the point of rebellion rather…

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