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45549172dde2013a06ac7e75901ee5afb888ededHello again!  This week we’re delving back into my massive collection of the Spoils cards to try and make a ridiculous combo deck!  Following the recent banning of the CD machine my life became a micromajigless (well ten or so is closer to none than I’d like) wasteland of sadness and crying puppies.  I’m being a bit dramatic it actually was composed mainly of trying to learn to play Doomtown: Reloaded but the point is that it’s a sad time…

So I decided that I’d build a deck using a card I’d picked out as potentially pretty awesome when I first saw him Woadenworm Gloamspike, Thabbashite Prince.  His ability gives face down tactics flip-up which initially seemed really good but I needed a way to get more than occasional one use tricks from him.  That’s when it struck me; Otter Floss!  This lets me find cards faster but we need a way to make it cheaper so added Thabbashite Organist and Toxic Cultivator, two of these eight cards in play allow you to repeatedly floss to get the ideal hand but that alone won’t win games.  To get that done we’ll need some other way to abuse the fact we can endlessly draw cards and play tactics!

Guardforce Morphmajig fits that bill pretty well.  The trick is to play him, attack with him, remove any blockers and pump him to lethal size whilst digging through the deck for some way to protect him.  The idea to be able to shoot down blockers with Thabbashite Dartist came to me pretty late on but works incredibly well since he fires each time you play either Otter Floss or Surprising Dudes!  The eagle eyed amongst you will have clocked that I’m using three trades already so we’ll break out the Unlikely Heroes for this list I think!6779780ed685583523995dcc5912e5ed1a397e2c

Without further ado I present Gloamspike’s Endless Flossing

Faction: Unlikely Heroes
Resources (15)
1  Obsession (starting)
1  Elitism (starting)
4  Arrogance
4  Neurosis
1  Obsession
1  Deception
3  Elitism
Characters (39)
4  Stuttershy
4  Node in a Box
4  Toxic Cultivator
4  Thabbashite Organist
4  Micromajig Master
4  Quotidian Ejector
4  Contriving Engineer
4  Thabbashite Dartist
4  Woadenworm Gloamspike, Thabbashite Prince
2  Guardforce Morphmajig
1  Jo Ciendeilio, M07h3r 0f 1337
Tactics (18)
3  Invent
4  Quotidian Assassination
2  Hilarious Refrigerator Alarm
1  Cock Block
4  Otter Floss
4  Surprising Dudes
Items (3)
2  Hidden Sandwich
1  Remains of Foreman Pete, the Clock Man
21ed2c054e2b5706e065ebd08c0c72ce01772b77How do we play this you cry?  Well the first thing you do is find the lone deception to add to your opening hand, then you draw seven or eight cards that include (after a mulligan) one of the twenty four cards whose principle job is to buy time.  Stuttershy, Node in a Box, Micromajig Master, Surprising Dudes, Quotidian Ejector and Contriving Engineer all serve other purposes later but to start with their use is simple – stand in the way.

The combo bits can then be assembled until it’s time to go off.  Ideally you’ll have cards in hand and plenty (12+) of resources.  The turn should begin with playing a face down resource (use a resource or tactic if possible).  The Dartist and Orgainst will trigger here shooting stuff and reducing costs, now play the Morphmajig and immediately attack.  If your opponent is daft enough not to block then great, but they probably will, either way it’s time to floss.  Each flossing will make your attacker bigger and wound any blockers until eventually there are no blockers and the Morphmajig is lethal.  Realisation will dawn at some point and a big shiny piece of removal will come flying out targeting either Gloamspike or the Guardforce.  Keep calm and continue to floss (ideally you’ll have a second one in hand or resource row) until an appropriate answer is located and voila you’ve won the game!

That’s not all it does though, in theory the deck can make millions of majigs and even draw the entire deck in one turn.  If you can you might be able to cock-block your opponent from card drawing.  The decks one flaw is that it heavily reliant on Woadenworm Gloamspike and his death is keenly felt so take good care of him and you’ll do fine!

This is not the easiest deck in the world to pilot successfully but it is hugely rewarding and great fun!  I did think about going for a Homewrecker control version using Gold Summit to gain you about a million influence and use Caracal Morphnus as a ridiculously large attacker who can draw the deck for you but in the end I liked the Dartist interaction too much to pass on it!  Try this combo for yourselves and see why Woadenworm loves flossing!
Check back next week for some A Game of Thrones LCG fun! – Mark

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