Rekindling an old flamer (Or how I got into Horus Heresy on the cheap)

When I was a teenager I was desperately in love with Warhammer 40k (40,000). She offered me a new social circle, was great fun an taught me a fair few things. I could spend hours on a Saturday with Warhammer 40k and my friends. My friends loved Warhammer 40k and she got on with them.

As the years went by we both changed. Warhammer 40k wanted more of my money and less of my time. My friends fell out with her due to her erratic and inconsistent changes and one Thursday we went to her place (local GW) and I was told I was only welcome once or twice a month due to lack of tables.


In the summer of 2010 we broke up for good. Other games came and went over the five years since. Some were very brief flings (Warzone, Malifaux) some I am still very good friends with and we meet up at least once a week for a catch up (Dystopian Wars, Infinity).

Earlier this month I saw Warhammer 40k daughter; Horus Heresy (Warhammer 30,000). I was immediatly struck with that hoarding lust only tabletop gamer’s can attest to. Heresy is an exceedingly pretty and less complicated lady than her mother. She understands my needs and limitations.


After getting the Horus Heresy books i discovered something quite surprising: The game is exceedingly more balanced than I thought. Yes it is mostly “Spayce Mareeeens” but their is enough diversity between the legions to make for interesting games.

Being a man with bills to pay I had often thought it impossible for me to get into the game:  Then Betrayal at Calth came out.

For those of you recently awoken from your Sus-an Membrane sleep, Betrayal at Calth is a stand alone board game that just happens to contain over 1,000 points of miniatures usable in the Horus Heresy setting. The miniatures are not “plug-in” and so can be posed however you like or “kit-bashed” with other bits from Citadel Miniatures rangs.



I have chosen to do a Word Bearers force. As the box set already contains the decals (transfers to the old guard) needed to make the first heretics, this makes for much cheapness.

Realizing I lacked a Rulebook i stumbled upon another great idea; Why not buy Dark Vengeance boxed set? After all it contains a rulebook and additional miniatures to use in a Word Bearers force.

In that box I get Miniatures to use as cultists, warp tainted squad leaders/Veterans, a Diabolists and the much feared Gal Mhara drednought.
Puritans among you will argue that the Gal Mhara is a Contemptor class drednought, but I wont be doing any tournaments anytime.

Over the next few weeks I will mark my progress as I build myself a sizable army from a company whom has made some very reasonable choices in what it sells of late. Any comments on your experiences in the Horus Heresy universe are much welcome.

I just ask that Heresy does not break my heart like her mother did.

-Ben Ryan. Dark Apostle of the Black Coffee chapter.


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