The Gue’vesa and how they might make Conquest a four horse race!

Welcome back intrepid cardboard fans!  This week we’re going to examine the impact that Decree of Ruins new warlord Commander Starblaze might have on the three horse race that is 40K Conquest.  The three contenders at the moment at Space Marines, Dark Eldar and Eldar and these decks are out infront for a couple of reasons; but will new warlords really change the face of the meta?  Or do we need another full cycle of cards before another faction can be seen as great?

Lets quickly look at the reasons the three factions listed above are so good.  Firstly the two Eldars have great command presence and some flutes and whistles to further choke out your opponents and this allows them to grind wins by card and resource advantage all the while making the game ever harder for their opponents to mount a fight back.  Space Marines aren’t slouches here either but it’s their efficiency that sets them apart with great low cost units and events throughout plus Captain Cato and Ragnar both being genuinely good warlords lets them fight through choke and bully decks alike.

Lets not all jump around saying the game is broken yet though; the other five races are loaded with potential.  Old One Eye lurks on the edge of greatness already, Zarathur and Nazdreg are both solid warlords that might get there with a bit of support.  The Astra Mili(I can’t, sorry GW) Imperial Guard are just in need of something a bit special from their warlord and the Tau already have lots of great tools it’s just that they like the IG have very good non-loyal stuff so are commonly used as allies.  But with Decree of Ruin we get to mash the best bits of each together into what could be a contender!  So with Commander Starblaze as our warlord we’re going to run the following!

Army (34)

  • 4x Ardent Auxiliaries
  • 3x Bork’an Recruits
  • 3x Earth Caste Technician
  • 3x Gun Drones
  • 2x Recon Drone
  • 2x Iron Guard Recruits
  • 3x Vash’ya Trailblazer
  • 3x Vior’la Marksman
  • 2x Void Pirate
  • 3x Ratling Deadeye
  • 2x Mordian Hellhound
  • 3x Tallarn Raiders
  • 1x Aun’ui Prelate

Attachment (5)

  • 1x Searing Burst Cannon
  • 3x Ion Rifle
  • 1x Repulsor Impact Field

Event (7)

  • 2x Bond of Brotherhood
  • 3x Even the Odds
  • 2x No Mercy

Support (4)

  • 1x Ambush Platform
  • 1x Starblaze’s Outpost
  • 2x Catachan Outpost


The game plan is to swamp the board and use the cheap ranged units and pump effects to either frighten off or hunt the enemy warlord.  Hopefully a combination of respectable command and high threat levels should be enough and even though the deck is very light on events it does have a few tricks up it’s sleeves.

Being able to switch units around with Starblaze and his signature support is all about getting that right unit in the right place and cause catastrophic damage to his force or warlord.  Suddenly switching that Ion Rifle or jumping a new one into play is a well known ploy but it’s still solid.  Switching the recruits over suddenly drops a four attack unit where there was a one attack unit for a huge swing.

The big concern would be the lack of large tough bullet magnets so getting those planets with card bonuses locked down in the command phase is very important to keep churning out even more command icons!  Obviously this is just conjecture but even if this deck list doesn’t cut the mustard I think the idea will and I’m pretty sure events will be seeing an upsurge in Tau decks in the near future!
As for my initial query, only time will tell but with each new release giving such tiny shifts to each faction I think it will be some time before we see players choosing an equal split on the factions!  Check back next week for my take on a new Spoils deck! -Mark!

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