Haunted West – Telling the stories of the Forgotten Peoples

Whilst it can be played as a purely historical game, Haunted West allows you to add weird and wonderful elements to your game via magic and monsters. That’s nothing new though I hear you say. The intriguing thing for me is Chris and the team’s focus on the stories and voices of the ‘forgotten peoples’. […]


Mortal Gods – Skirmish clashes in Classical Greece

Grab you spear and shield because we’re going to take a look at Footsore’s Mortal Gods. Take control of a small band of 15 – 25 models and carve your place in history. In a fast paced game where you alternate actions with your opponent, do you slay your foes of focus on the scenario objectives? Either way the burning question – is it good?


Zweihander RPG Characters – Whats in a roll?

Not too long ago I gave a break down of my initial thoughts on the Zweihander Grim and Perilous RPG. If you haven’t read that then this may seem a bit confusing. If you have and you’re returning for more, then hooray! Herein I take a look at how one creates a character before setting off on expeditions most deadly. […]