Blood on the Sand: Gangs of Rome

Gangs of Rome is starting to appear everywhere at the moment, and truth be told there is a lot to get excited about with this well thought-out game. Setting the scene you’re the Dominus controlling a small gang to further your own situation. You do this by sending them out to do various things which almost always includes slicing up another Dominus’ gang.

You can buy a ‘starter set’ direct from Warbanner but this is just an amount of blisters. Like all good starter you get a bit of money off the end price. This is great as you can pick your own fighters so it’s a very useful expansion tool as well. Not having a nice, shiny, all-in-one box is seen by some as a bit of a negative. I usually agree but I like to look this one another way. It makes getting everything together in one place a bit harder. The plus side of it is that from the start I can get the models that what I want.

I’m personally not a fan of softback rulebooks as I find they’re sometimes quite easy to damage. The Gangs of Rome rules come in an A4 softback book. However, at ¬£8 each you should be fine¬†replacing them if needed somewhat less painful.

Starting at the back of the book there are two cheat sheets and an index, which are handy in any game. This is something I know a lot of people scream out for in a rule book as more often than not ever anticipated the most obscure thing will happen in a game and you know it has some special rule but you can’t always remember what it is. Inside the book the rules are laid out fairly straight-forward and follows the flow of the game reasonably well from page to page. Movement and combat all being kept together in their respective categories for example. It’s a sensibly laid-out book.

The four fighters I have for my gang at the moment are a seeming mismatch of characters, with the blessings of various gods due to Warbanners ingenious method of packing random and unique cards in with each miniature.

The models themselves are fairly straight-forward to assemble. A body and jigsaw base with three heads and a weapon sprue is provided in each blister. The weapon sprue has various gladius and other stabby things on it. In total there are over 6000 different combinations of fighters to make, and that’s just from wave one.

Gangs of Rome has been really well received, and in my opinion rightly so. The Facebook group is growing daily and everybody is having great fun showing off their unique fighter cards. We will be keeping our eyes on this as it goes forward as it’s already well supported by Sarrissa scenery, with Mats done by Deepcut Studios as well.

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