Tabletop Games News 14th April

With Salute looming ever closer this year its almost time to break the bank to fund another day out in London, but just what can we expect, and what else has been going on in the hobby?

Steam forged announced on Monday their show only Young Theron model for 2017, as well as this we know the new Masons set will be available at Salute as well as a special offer on Hunters.

Oathsworn Miniatures are working on a scenic display for Salute, so I should probably stop bothering Micheal for more details but he has said that there should be some minis from the New Blood kickstarter there as well as some resin terrain pieces from a previous Kickstarter and the first 14 models from there upcoming Dark 7 Sci-Fi range on display as well as the greens for 6 new Burrows and Badgers models

Sarissa Precision are releasing yet more Oriental inspired scenery today with a Wako ship, seems that Jez knew something off it before hand so we shall be investing in a Rack to find out what other tidbits off information we can wring from him

Algoryn players will be pleased to see that we have a new model on the way,  the Algoryn Liberator, dont worry about what it says on the box as there is a slew of weapons options in the box and should be out late April, at the moment there seems to be a special price on it £45 instead of £51, but thats a whole lot of Metal and Resin for your money.


Wyrd’s May releases look great as they continue to expand the Malifaux universe and game.  Gorgeous figures as always I’m sure!


Privateer Press announced the Grymkin were coming and it certainly caused a bit of a division. Those that are part of the Community Integrated Development campaign have been testing out the rules and it seems to be moving forward with a July release being touted at the moment.

Games Workshop will be releasing three new sets of Terrain tomorrow so if 40k or Shadow War is your thing might be a good idea to get in quick as I am sure these will sell out fast.

Sector Mechanicus: Ferratonic FurnaceSector Mechanicus: Alchomite StackSector Mechanicus: Galvanic Magnavent


With Salute just around the corner we shall be working as hard as we can to bring you all the deals we can much like we did for Black Friday, this should be going live later today with the first few deals that we are aware of but we will be picking up more information as we get closer to the day!

Beware though Mark is running a Give Away on the day which you can find out about here


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